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See Salzburg as you would have never imagined!

During this tour we will show you the beauty of Salzburg from a different point of view and with a different flair – from the seat of our historical Steyr car from the 1920. We will show you the city of Salzburg as it used to be when the car car was newly on the road and show you what has changed over the years. 
Salzburg, known as the most Italian baroque city of the north, dates back to the time of the Romans. Salzburg became independent and wealthy due to the prince archbishops who ruled over the area from the 7th century until the 19th century. Through intelligent business maneuvers in utilizing Salzburg’s vast salt resources, known as “white gold”, the city, its inhabitants, and the archbishops amassed incredible wealth. Reminants of the archbishops are visible everywhere in the city, in its buildings, its art, and its artifacts.
After losing its independence, Salzburg st out to re-establish its identity and, with the creation of the Salzburg music festival in 1920, became one of the most famous classical music destinations in Europe. Through the heritage of Mozart and Salzburg’s conservative political movement, the city made it through the crisis of world wars and economic downturns to become cultural and economical hotspot of Austria.
Discover in the 1hour tour the classical and historical city center of Salzburg and witness the mixture of modern and old architecture.
During our 2hour tour we will go more into depth, discussing the sumptuous lives of the archbishops and delving more into the fascinating history of Salzburg, while sharing with you how the Salzburg of today continuous to celebrate its history and culture with an eye to the future.

We offer the tour described below; however we focus on tailor-made tours so we can adapt the tour to your specific interests.

This being said, the itinerary could be still customized but we will see the following locations:

  • Tour the city of Salzburg
  • The Markart and Mirabell square
  • The festival district
  • The palace of Leopoldskron
  • The palace of Hellbrunn (part of the 2hours tour)
  • The hanger 7 (only in the 2hours tour)

Let us drive you also along the economical and modern areas of Salzburg to explore the city from all the aspects.

If you prefer to spend more or less time at any location, we will adapt to your needs during the tour, or if you want us to organize a special surprise, or picnic just let us know.

We Look forward welcoming you to Salzburg on board of our 1920s vintage car.

Up to 5 Passengers (1h tour) 200€

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Up to 5 Passengers (2h tour) 360€

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