Enjoy following the footsteps of the Family Porsche & Piech!

This tour will showcase the life stations of Ferdinand Porsche, his family and the family Piech. We will share with you the single steps taken for Porsche to become one of the most important car producers in the world. You will see the innovations, creations and witness the foresight these families displayed in realizing outstanding success and the importance in believing in oneself. We will show you the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, the production site in Zuffenhausen, and the Mercedes Benz museum, where many innovations are still visible, and where Ferdinand Porsche worked and was part of the board of administration for some years.  We will then drive to Munich and to Salzburg, where we will tour the city in an historical car that was created by Ferdinand Porsche, as well as explore the city by foot.
The following day we will visit the Ferdinand Porsche experience world created by Ernst Piech – called Fahrtraum, and will see some of the most important and outstanding cars produced by Ferdinand Porsche. We also will show you many Austro Daimler cars that became famous and reliable under the hand of Ferdinand Porsche. You will then enjoy the experience of driving in one of these cars through the northern lake district area and see the Hanger 7 (Red Bull’s vintage airplanes and formula 1 cars). We will then drive over Zell am See where the family Porsche-Piech has a property and a residence, and over the Grossglockner alpine road to Gmünd where we will see the Porsche museum (the legendary Porsche 356 was produced there) before heading to Vienna.
In Vienna we will the main stations of the family Porsche and Piech and visit the palace of Schönbrunn, the summer residence of the Habsburg family with whom Porsche kept good contact. The tour will then come to an end; however be sure that these many new and positive memories will last for a long time.
Ferdinand Porsche was a great innovator. He has participated at the University of Vienna during many lectures and worked at the Lohner Motorenwerke where he invented the first hub engine (which is still used by the NASA, etc). He then moved to Austro Daimler and won many reliable races and many prices.
After the first world war he developed primarily sports cars and moved to Steyr and to Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart wer he became part of the board of administration. After giving up the job at Mercedes Benz he opened up his own creation and design studio in Stuttgart and worked for many famous car brands. He was many responsible for the development of the VW beetle that became a symbol of the german economical wonder after the second world war.
Experience the innovation and ideas of Ferdinand Porsche through his developments. Experience the family Piech, that was always an important partner on the side of Ferdinand Porsche and his children. You will also experience many unforgettable locations in Austria, the best that mother nature has to offer, and to partake in a driving experience you will never forget.
This tour offers the perfect mix of culture, nature, history, and the innovations of Ferdinand Porsche and the legendary Family Piech.
We offer the tour as described above, however we are focusing on tailor-made tours and therefore this tour will be adapted according to your interest and wishes.
This being said we would suggest the route as followed:
  • Tour of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and the city of Stuttgart.
  • Visit of the production site of Porsche AG and transfer towards Salzburg
  • City tour of Salzburg in a historical vehicle and walking tour through the city with focus about the family Porsche and the Porsche Holding.
  • Visit of the Ferdinand Porsche experience world founded by Ernst Piech, called Fahrtraum and drive with a historical vehicle created by Ferdinand Porsche through the northern lake district area of Salzburg.
  • Drive to Bad Reichenhall, Zell am See and over the Grossglockner mountain road to Gmünd in Corinthia where the first Porsche after the war was produced.
  • Drive to Vienna over the city of Graz.
  • Visit of Wiener Neustadt and the former production sites.
  • city tour through Vienna, drive by the technical university of Vienna and the live stations of the family Piech.
  • Visit Vienna with a focus on Ferdinand Porsche and the Lohner Werke.
  • Visit the palace of Schönbrunn in Vienna and time to say goodbye.
This tour is created to last several days (ca. 7 days), in order to experience everything in a smooth and relaxing atmosphere.
IF you wish to spend more or less time in one location, we will be happy to grant that wish. Also, if you wish to celebrate a special occasion, such as a proposal, birthday, or just a romantic time please let us know and we will happily accommodate your request.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming you on this tour where dreams and innovations become truth.

Up to 4 guests from 7800€ (without accomodation)

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