Enjoy extraordinary days in Salzburg!

This tour is also for returning visitors to Salzburg something as it will show you definitely some new aspects of Salzburg! Some surprising and great days to enjoy in this wonderful town. There will be shown the city of Salzburg and the countryside of Salzburg with all of its beauty and different faces.  
We will start off with a tour in an antique car from the 1920s through the city of Salzburg and will show you the city from a different point of view. After that highlight we will discover the cit of Salzburg during a walking tour in order to show you the city off the beaten track and to feel the flair and culture of this city. We will show you secret places and local insider tips, off the masses during the peak season. 
During the next day we will see the next highlights with a visit of the hanger7, the Hans Peter Porsche dream fabric and the Ferdinand Porsche fahrtraum (driving dreams). It is a day following the footsteps of some great innovators and discoverer that left many things in this area. Besides that we will also see the northern lake district area. In the evening you will enjoy a dinner in a historical palace, with possibility to enjoy the rest of the evening in the local casino, 0r enjoying the city of Salzburg during night.
After a nice breakfast we will start the day with a lot of energy. Today we will discover the countryside of Salzburg, or the nearby Bavarian mountains area. The day is fully according to your wishes and will be created according to your wishes and ideas.
The area of Salzburg is definitely one of the most varied regions of Austria. with the smooth hills in the northern area, to the lake district, the baroque town of Salzburg and the rough mountains in the south and spectacular nature and water, such as the highest waterfalls of Europe, called the Krimmler waterfalls, to the artificial lakes for electricity production at Kaprun, or Austria’a highest alpine road with the glacier of Pasterze and the highest mountain of Austria, called Grossglockner. So weather you are in search for something to relax, or being surprised by nature, such as the biggest ice caves, or want to be active, or see the area in a horse carriage, or something romantic, we will create your ideal day to the most important day of your time in Salzburg. The time in Salzburg should create many memories that you really want to remember.
This tour is the perfect mix between culture, nature, museum and the innovation’s power of this region!
We provide this tour as described: Even though we focus on tailor-made tours and therefore adapt this tour according to your interest or ideas.
This being said we would include the following parts:
  • Salzburg city tour in a vintage car
  • walking tour through the old town of Salzburg
  • visit of the hanger7 (Red Bull Flying Wings) and the Hans Peter Porsche dream fabric
  • Visit of the Ferdinand Porsche dream world of Fahrtraum initiated by Ernst Piech with drive in an antique car of the northern lake district area, or a visit of the lake district area with a coffee break
  • Transfer to dinner and casino at the palace of Klessheim
  • A day tour in the surrounding of Salzburg (f.ex. to the Berchtesgaden mountains and the hitler’s eagle’s nest, or Hallstatt, or through the lake district area (according to your interest), etc.)
  • Transfer to airport, or train station for departure
The tour will last several days (about 3 days) in order to enjoy this Weekend, or these days t the fullest.
We will show the different faces of the city and the country of Salzburg, with architecture, history and some new point of views.
If you wish to spend more or less time in one area or location we are more than happy to accomodate that, also in case if there is any special surprise to organize (such as a romantic picknick, proposal, renewal of vows, or birthdays, etc.), just let us know so that we can organize that.
We are looking forward welcoming you at Salzburg!

Up to 4 Passangers 2300€ (without accomodation and food)

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