Experience the city of Salzburg and the northern lake district are, as never before!

This tour connects the beauty and elegance of the city of Salzburg with the smooth and romantic area of the northern lake district area. It does not only connect the unique experience to be driven in an antique car from the 1920s through the city of Salzburg but also experiencing another drive with a 1920s car in the northern lake district area and the fascination of technic on the countryside roads. 
Salzburg, the most northern city of the Italien baroque, dates back to the time of the Romans. From the 7th century until the 19th century the prince archbishops of Salzburg controlled and built up Salzburg. Due to intelligent economical decisions and the biggest value of the city: the salt the city Salzburg became famous and rich. The remains of this area is everywhere visible, especially in the areas of art, churches, buildings, artifacts and design of the city. At the beginning of the 19th century the city lost it’s independence it needed to define it’s identity new. The foundation of the classical music festival in the year 1920, the city became one of the most important centers of classical music in Europe. The heritage of the most famous son of the city, Mozart and the conservative political opinion, allows the city to make it through all crises, economical, political and social. It also allowed the city to become one of the economically most important cities in Austria.
In the northern lake district area you will experience technic and innovation power of Ferdinand Porsche. We will visit together the Ferdinand Porsche experience world, founded by Ernst Piech, seeing the developments from 1908 until 1950. After that we will experience one of Ferdinand Porsche’s developed cars in a drive through the northern lake district area. Experience interesting and funny stories around the fascinating world of Ferdinand Porsche and the northern lake district.
To round up this tour we will see the pilgrim’s church of Maria Plain from where you have a great view over the city of Salzburg before we will return back into the city of Salzburg in order to enjoy the city in the evening or to finish a memorable day.
This tour is a perfect overview of the city of Salzburg and the surroundings with stories, innovations and culture, off the beaten track.

We offer this tour as described but it will be adapted in case of particular interest, or wishes.

We will visit and drive to the following points of interest:

  • city tour through the city of Salzburg
  • The Markart and Mirabell square
  • The festival district
  • Ferdinand Porsche’s dream vehicle’s experience in Mattsee
  • Car concours in the northern lake district are of Salzburg
  • Return over Maria Plain

We will drive through the city of Salzburg, to show you the city from all different points of views. we will continue to drive to the Norden lake district area, see the Ferdinand Porsche’s dream vehicle’s experience museum with a driving experience of a car by Ferdinand Porsche before returning back via Maria Plain to Salzburg.

In case that more or less time want to be spent in one place, or that you want us to make some special surprises for special occasions, such as a picknick, or birthdays, wedding proposals, etc. we are more than happy to include them.

We are looking forward welcoming you on boars of our antique vehicles from the 1920s.

up to 5 passangers (8h tour) 880€

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