Experience the heritage of Ferdinand Porsche in Salzburg!

This tour shows the heritage of Ferdinand Porsche and the family Porsche-Piech in the city and surroundings of Salzburg and how this heritage is treated nowadays. We will experience what has been created and what is nowadays visible and livable.
Passed by the baroque beauty of Salzburg, you will see that the family Porsche Piech is very much connected to the city of Salzburg and what they have been developing since generations in this region, they call homeland.
Nowadays the Porsche Holding is the biggest automotive trading company in Europe, operating in 22 european countries and Columbia, Chile, China, Malaysia, Brunei and Japan. it is one of the biggest employer in the Salzburg region. The company has it’s headquarters in the city of Salzburg and is automotive trading company of the brands Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, MAN, Porsche, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen.
Ferdinand Porsche has been several times during his time in Vienna, also in Salzburg. For vacation, or to visit friends, but most important also to test cars on the Salzburg’s pass and mountain roads. After the second world war Ferdinand Porsche retreated in Gmünd and Zell am See, where he bought a property, that is still in the hands of the family with it’s chapel where the urns of Ferdinand Porsche and his family members is situated.
After the marriage of his daughter in the year 1928 with the viennese lawyer Anton Piech and the birth of their children Ernst, Louise, Ferdinand and Hans Michel the decision has been made to transfer the outsourced parts of the Porsche KG Stuttgart in Austria to her and her husband. In the year 1947 the family business was born.
Nowadays the building and the distribution center of the Porsche Holding shows this heritage. In addition two Museums have been found in order to show the heritage: The Hand Peter Porsche dream work and the Ferdinand Porsche experience world of Fahrtraum, founded by Ernst Piech.
Discover the history and the heritage of this family in the region of Salzburg and experience the innovative vehicles of Ferdinand Porsche, the dream work for children and the architecture of the Porsche Holding. A unique world that also shows that dreams can come true.
This tour allows you a perfect overview of the family Porsche Piech, the museums and the distribution center of the Porsche Holding.

We offer the tour as offered but if there is a special interest we will adapt the tour accordingly.

We will drive to the following point of interests:

  • short city tour through the city of Salzburg
  • Visit of the Hans Peter Porsche dream fabric museum
  • Drive and visit of the Ferdinand Porsche experience world, called Fahrtraum
  • return drive to the city of Salzburg
  • Visit of the Porsche Holding and the distribution center in Salzburg

In case that more or less time wants to be spent in one location, or that there are special wishes we are more than happy to grant and include that in the tour.

We are looking already forward welcoming you at Salzburg.

up to 4 Passengers (8h tour) 740€

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