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Enjoy the world of engineering and architecture in Salzburg: Hangar7 with Red Bull’s F1 cars and airplanes and the Ferdinand Porsche Museum in Mattsee with vintage cars from the 1920s and 1930s.

Explore Salzburg without Mozart and the Sound of Music!

This tour will begin in Salzburg unless another starting point is agreed upon prior to departure. The tour is offered as described below; however, we focus on tailor-made tours so it can be adapted to your specific interests.

We will pick you up in one of our glass-roof vehicles and whisk you away to the world of Red Bull at Hangar 7 to view the vast collection of Red Bull’s vintage airplanes, Formula 1 cars, and other vehicles of this remarkable collection. Hangar7 also hosts one of Salzburg’s finest restaurants, Ikarus, that features only cooks who hold the coveted one star of Michelin. Enjoy the award-winning architecture of Hangar 7, a modern contrast to baroque Salzburg.

We will then drive to the northern lake district area of Salzburg to explore the museum of Ferdinand Porsche, called Fahrtraum, which means a dream of driving and a space for dream cars. Each vehicle displayed here has a connection to Ferdinand Porsche as an inventor and collaborator. While living in Austria, Ferdinand Porsche developed a majority of his most famous cars. He is buried on the family estate in the Salzburg area, where members of the Porsche – Piech  family reside and are strongly connected to the local area

Located north of Salzburg, the Mattsee area is off the beaten path and a superb area to explore as a passenger in one of the museum’s vintage cars from the 1920s and 1930s and the period of Ferdinand Porsche from 1900s until 1950s. While enjoying the best locations around the lakes of Obertrumer See and Mattsee in one of these vintage cars, don’t be surprised if we are joined by the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. What a wonderful and unique experience to explore this area in one of these fascinating vehicles!

Following your tour of the lake district, we will drive back over the Irrsee to the Mondsee and stop at Schloss Fuschl for wine tasting or just coffee and cake.

During the drive, we will share with you many interesting facts of this area and show you the highlights of Salzburg from the vintage technical point of view. A unique experience and definitely enriching your fascination of vintage cars and airplanes!

This private tour includes:
  • A visit to Hangar 7, an award-winning architectural feat of Red Bull
  • See the Formular1 cars and vintage airplanes of Red Bull
  • Drive to Mattsee, the northern lake district area of Salzburg
  • Visit the Fahrtraum museum and discover the fascinating world of Ferdinand Porsche
  • See the vintage cars developed by Porsche and enjoy a drive around the northern lake district area for about 1 hour in one of the vintage cars from the 1920s and 1930s (not possible to drive while salt is used to clear the roads (generally in January and February each year))
  • Enjoy a drive along the Irrsee to Mondsee and over the lake of Fuschl (where you have the choice of a wine tasting or enjoying coffee and cake at the superb palace of Fuschl (from he 15th century)
Following the tour, you will be returned back to the Salzburg city area.
We look forward welcoming you to Salzburg and the surrounding area, where the mountains are fascinating and a wonder to explore!

Up to 7 Passengers (8h tour) 840€   BOOK IT